EU-PALS: seventh transnational project meeting in Budapest

Posted October 21, 2019

The seventh and final meeting of the EU-Pals project partners was hosted in Budapest by the Hungarian School Sport Federation. The meeting was organised in conjunction with the Multiplier Event for the project at the MOVE Congress 2019, where 470 stakeholders in physical activity were present and the EU-Pals project was featured in a track dedicated to physical education and school sport.

The three dimensions of the project, physical education, physical activity and school, sport were presented to the invited stakeholders. All partners participated in the discussion on Phase 1 and 2 of the Moving Schools Award self-assessment tool concerning the three dimensions. Effects of the tool within school settings were discussed.

The future developmental directions, mission and vision of the Moving Schools Award was presented by Claude Scheuer from the University of Luxembourg, including growing the partner consortium from EU-Pals partners to the Moving Schools Alliance. He also introduced the new KA2 project HEPAS, which is aiming at building up the capacity of school-related stakeholders – like teachers, educators, school headmasters – when it comes to the improvement of school-based physical activity for children and adolescents, as well as their healthy lifestyle in general.

The strategic goals and plans for the Moving Schools Award and Alliance was presented by Balázs Rádics, touching upon the reasons behind the need for synergies and mutual ways of tackling the complex problems arising from inactivity all across Europe. The vision is to build bridges between theory, recommendations and everyday practice. In order to fulfil the vision, the partners will launch a series of activities and establish a network of sport-minded schools in Europe. Envisaged members of the network are entities who play an essential role in international organisations, advisory bodies and lobby to promote physical activity. The Moving Schools Alliance (initiated by YSTi, EUPEA, ISCA and HSSF) welcomes all sport-minded and dedicated organisations to join the alliance.

The Moving Schools Award (MSA) webpage was presented at the meeting, and logos for the Moving Schools Award and Alliance were presented and discussed. After voting all versions were discussed in detail – how they can represent the alliance and award system on different levels and in all aspects.

The results are here:


Hungarian School Sport Federation: Boronyai Zoltán, Király Anita, Kovács-Kasza Katalin, Szégner Katalin, Rádics Balázs, Kulisity István

EUPEA: Rose-Marie Repond

Estonian School Sport Union: Mattias Metsaru, Madis Pettai

International Sport and Culture Association: Jacob Schouenborg, Saska Benedicic Tomat, Laska Nenova, Georgi Staykov, Rachel Payne

University of Ljubljana: Gregor Starc

University of Luxembourg: Claude Scheuer, Sandra Heck

Youth Sport Trust International: Helen Vost, Viv Holt