EU-PALS: sixth transnational project meeting in Copenhagen

Posted September 12, 2019

The sixth EU-PALS transnational project meeting was hosted by the International Sport and Culture Association in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 9-11 September 2019.

As the second-last meeting of the project, the focus was to plan the future of EU-PALS – including developmental directions, the mission and vision, and name of the label – and establish a network for the partner consortium to continue grow after the project period. It also involved planning the closing workshop and Multiplier Sport Event as part of the MOVE Congress in October.

A decision was made to call the label an “award” and use a self-assessment tool, divided into three phases, to gauge schools’ readiness to apply for the award. The self-assessment tool allows schools to evaluate their status against three dimensions, as outlined in the Guidance for Schools, which are the schools’ provision physical education, physical activity and school sport.

An updated version of the Guidance for Schools document was discussed and prepared, and the partners fine-tuned and discussed the Phase 1 and Phase 2 self-assessment tool based on the Pilot results from the project.

The name MOVING SCHOOLS AWARD was decided after considering the following aspects:

  • Must be easy to understand
  • Must be relevant
  • Must be linked to schools
  • Must make them want to do it
  • Must add value to the schools’ work

ISCA presented the suggested structure for the website of the award that partners all accepted. We have identified and scheduled all our upcoming tasks before closing the project.

The resulting output is showcased on the following website


International Sport and Culture Association: Jacob Schouenborg, Saska Benedicic Tomat, Laska Nenova, Georgi Staykov, Rachel Payne

Hungarian School Sport Federation: Boronyai Zoltán, Király Anita, Kovács-Kasza Katalin

EUPEA: Martin Holzweg

Estonian School Sport Union: Mattias Metsaru, Madis Pettai

University of Ljubljana: Gregor Starc

University of Luxembourg: Claude Scheuer

Youth Sport Trust International: Helen Vost, Viv Holt